Benefits of High Protein Diet

Benefits of High Protein Diet

The health benefits of a high protein diet go far beyond muscle growth. Below we have put all the benefits of high protein diet into categories.

Benefits of High Protein Diet: Growth & Repair

Improves Sleep

Protein optimizes chemical transmitter balance, making us restful at night and thus allowing us to sleep better. Sleep is an essential period of the recovery process as the body secretes the most growth hormone whilst we sleep. Having a restful sleep not only allows your body to grow and recovery but it gets your ready for the next day.

Prevents Muscle Break Down Whilst Dieting

Protein is built up from amino acids, the building blocks of muscle. Having a diet high in protein will reduce muscle catabolism and help you retain your hard earned muscle whilst dieting. It’s important to keep your protein high when in a caloric deficit as you don’t want your body eating into your muscle for energy.

Benefits of High Protein Diet: Builds Muscle

A high protein diet stimulates protein synthesis and improves muscle recovery. The body needs more protein if you workout to help rebuild broken down muscles. Without adequate protein in your diet your body won’t have the building blocks it needs to repair and build new muscle regardless of calorie intake.

Improves Skin, Hair and Muscle Repair

High protein diets help the skin glow and hair look luscious. Protein is an essential building block for cell growth and regeneration.

Benefits of High Protein Diet: Weight Loss

Burns More Fat

Digesting protein burns 2x more calories than digesting carbohydrates. Protein is the most thermogenic out of the 3 macronutrients. Having a diet equal in calories but higher in protein rather than carbs or fat means more calories are burned.

Consume Fewer Calories & Increase Satiety Levels

Protein is more filling than carbohydrates and fat. This leads to higher satiety levels. It’s shown that a 1% increase in protein intake saw that people naturally decreased their calorie intake by 32-51 calories per day. If you scale this effect with the added benefit of fibrous veggies in your diet, your calorie intake will naturally be decreased.

Benefits of High Protein Diet: COGNITIVE

Improves Brain Function

Eating protein from a wide variety of animal sources helps enhance cognitive function. Animal proteins contain omega-3 fats, carnosine, creatine, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

More Energy

Protein is a macronutrient and as a result, is made of calories. Eating a wide variety of protein will give you energy due to the calories. Furthermore, protein has a higher thermogenic effect of food percentage than carbohydrates and fats. This results in more calories being burned but at the same time protein provides you with energy. This can positively affect your body composition.

Benefits of High Protein Diet: Cognitive

Benefits of High Protein Diet: STRENGTH

Strengthens Bones & Slows Down Ageing

Elderly people can’t use protein as efficiently as younger people so it’s important for them to eat more to enable them to still have positive effects. A high protein diet also reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Increases Strength

High protein diets will help you become stronger. Many people believe it’s a high carb diet that gives you the fuel to be strong, this is inaccurate. Broken down muscles need protein to repair and recover. Once the recovery process is over your muscles will be bigger and stronger if the progressive overload is achieved in your training.

Benefits of High Protein Diet in Strength

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