How to Choose the Perfect Running Watch

Are you planning to purchase a running watch? Here is a guideline which will help you about that...

How to Choose the Perfect Running Watch

Things you should be careful before you purchasing a running watch. Learn how to choose the perfect running watch with our tips.

1) Heart Rate Monitor

This is a very important feature in a running watch. The heart rate monitor tracks your heartbeat, guiding you along your workout showing if you are in the right range. It also tracks the calories burned. Some running watches offer a built-in heart rate monitor, some come with a band that you wrap around your chest.

2) Built-in GPS

That is also a pretty important feature, especially when it comes to collecting data from your runs or workouts. All running watches usually offer a built-in GPS, some more accurate and precise than others. Some watches do not have a built-in GPS but give you the possibility to sync to your phone to use the GPS functionality.

3) Workout Platform

This is what you need in order to sync your data, get more information about what benefits you got from your workout and connect with other people to share your journeys together. This is one big database made to track all of your accomplishments.

4) Multi Sport

The Multi-Sport feature is for any kind of athlete. Some running watches offer lots of different sports features which is great! It allows you to track and record your workouts, no matter what activity or sport you practice. The most common found on running watches are for: running, swimming and cycling.

5) Advanced Data

Advanced data is offered only on a few running watches. This feature allows you to go deeper in detailed data on your workout. Watches with advance tracking can include an altimeter, barometer or compass. Tracking everything that happened during your workout and really understanding and evaluating your results.

6) Battery Life

This feature differs a lot from one running watch to another. For example, some running watches offer double battery life than other watches. Make sure you check this feature before buying your watch so that the battery life covers the time your usual workouts or runs take.

7) Water Resistance

This is also an important feature to look for, especially if you’re also incorporating swims into your workouts. Some running watches offer a multi-sport feature, which includes swimming, but some don’t. If you are into triathlons, for example, make sure your running watch can adapt to any type of activity you do.

8) Connectivity

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, each running watches is pretty different when it comes to this feature. Most of the running watches have a USB port, used to plug in and sync your data to your computer or to charge your watch.

9) Compatibility

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, there is a great running watch for you! Make sure you check this feature before getting your watch as some offer compatibility with both iPhones and Androids, and some only offer either-or. This feature can be very useful when tracking your performance and having easy access to your data.

10) Price

Do you have to spend more to get a great running watch? Not necessarily, this is for you to decide. The most important factor in making the decision between all of these fantastic running watches is that it is adapted to your needs. Look for the features that you require for your workouts and you will find the best running watch for you.