Top 15 Places to Visit in UK

Top 15 beautiful locations and landscapes of the United Kingdom that you should visit in your vacation!

Top 5 Places to Visit in the UK

Are you planning visit United Kingdom soon? This is our top list to visit places in UK. You shouldn’t miss these locations in your vacation!

1) Lake District

For stunning scenery and wonderful walks, there are few places in the world, let alone the UK, that can rival the Lake District. Lake Windermere is one of the most picturesque and popular spots in the area and is a great place to enjoy a leisurely boat trip when the sun is shining.

A green view from the Lake District of United Kingdom.
Lake District in the United Kingdom is one of the best places to visit in the UK.

2) Blackpool

A magnet for seekers of both daytime and nighttime fun, Blackpool is a great place to visit for people of all ages. With many great bars along the promenade, exciting fairground rides on Pleasure Beach and 7 miles of golden sands, it really does have something for everyone. It is perhaps for this very reason that it has remained one of the country’s most popular seaside resorts for centuries. Plan your visit for the right time of year and you can enjoy the famous illuminations too.

Blackpool is one of the most beautiful cities of United Kingdom.
Blackpool has good night life and coastal landscape.

3) Salisbury

With Stonehenge and Old Sarum vying for the attention of visiting tourists, Salisbury is the perfect destination for those whose interests in history stretch back to Neolithic times. Work on both these sites is thought to have started around 3,000 B.C and the surrounding area is literally packed with prehistoric monuments and ruins.

Salisbury is one of the old towns of UK. You can visit Stonehenge there.
Salisbury is one of the historical cities of England. You will enjoy to visit this city too…

4) London

The capital city of the United Kingdom, London is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. If you decide to head to London this year, don’t forget to check out the Tower, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace at the very least. And when it comes to first-class hotels and places to eat to suit all budgets, you really will be spoilt for choice.

London is capital of UK.
The capital of the United Kingdom.

5) Cornwall

Beautiful beaches, great surfing conditions, gourmet eateries and some of the best weather in the country: it really isn’t difficult to see why Cornwall is such a consistently popular destination with tourists from all over the UK and further afield too. It also has a rich and interesting history, along with many hidden coves along the coastline, just waiting to be discovered by the more intrepid visitor. Cornwall is certainly is one of the best places to visit in the UK.

Cornwall is a nice region of United Kingdom with beautiful shores.
Cornwall is popular with beautiful shores.

6) Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands are located in the far north of Scotland. There are many good & natural beaches and historical buildings in different towns of the islands. There are several beautiful landscapes where are already very famous in European countries. You will find many historical buildings on islands which remained from Iron Age. If you are planning to visit islands, we recommend you to visit Bayanne House in Yell, Clickimin Broch in Lerwick, Da Gairdins I Sand in West Mainland, Crofthouse Museum in Shetland, Hermaness Visitor Centre and Nature Reserve in Unst, Lodberries in Lerwick, Mousa Broch in Island of Mousa. Also don’t forget to see Shetland ponies which are very cute and pretty horses! You will love them all indeed!

Shetland Islands is located far north of Scotland. It is very close to Faroe Islands.

7) Highlands

Highlands are also located north of Scotland in the mainland of the United Kingdom. There are many natural beauties, good landscapes and historical buildings in Highlands region of the Scotland as well. Especially Forth William, Inverness and Wick are very attractive locations of Highlands. Cairngorms National Park near Highlands also another good natural place to visit. You can also consider visit Skye Island where is very close to Highlands.


Fort George is an interesting historical place to visit in Inverness. You will also love the viewpoint of the Inverness Castle. Despit of lacking of night life, Inverness provides many good attractions to you culturally and historically.

Fort William

Steall Waterfall is very beautiful landscape for those who also love hiking. You will need to visit this beautiful place after 30 minutes walking. However it will be worth it. Steall Waterfall is located in Fort William.

Ben Nevis is another natural beauty of Scotland and the United Kingdom. It is the highest mountain of the United Kingdom with 1345 meters. You can also visit the Aonach Mor which has good landscape with mountain gondola in Fort William. There is also a good restraurant & cafe there where you will have awesome time.


Old Wick Castle and Castle Sinclair Girnigoe are good historical buildings to visit if you like coastal landscape and history of Scotland. It is located in Wick, Scotland.

Highlands are known with beautiful landscapes.

8) Holy Island

Holy Island is located near of England but the location is formally belong to Scottish town Berwick. Holy Island has a wide coastal landscape. There is also famous Lindisfarne Castle located in the island. There are thousands of tourists who are visiting this lonely castle every day. If you would like to have a historical tour in United Kingdom, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Holy Island
The Lindisfarne in Holy Island.

9) Isle of Man

Isle of Man is an island where is located between England and Ireland. The island has also many good landscapes and historical beauties as same as other examples we have told you above. The old capital Castletown is one of the attractive locations for tourists in the island. Castle Rushen is a popular tourist location in the island. The castle has opened in 1250. If you love the nature Archallagan Plantation should be another destination for you. You will find a beautiful landscape over there. Peel Castle is not very famous but it is one of must see buildings of Isle of Man. It is located in a town where is called as Peel. It is seaside fortress with beautiful coastal landscape.

isle of man
Isle of Man landscape.

10) Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the second largest city of Scotland and ninth of United Kingdom. Edinburgh Castle and the university building of the city are the most popular historical buildings.

Deep Sea World where is near Edinburgh is one of the most popular attractions in the city. There are very good tours in the city which is related with the Deep Sea World. You can see many exotic sea animals which came from different seas/oceans of the world. Edinburgh Zoo is also very good opportunity for tourists if you would like to see animals from the wildlife.

The famous fantastic movie Harry Potter also filmed in Edinburgh. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you shouldn’t miss tours about that. Those tours are quite affordable.

The capital of Scotland.

11) Manchester

There are many good attractions in Manchester… Especially if you are a football fan, you can visit the Old Trafford Stadium of Manu and discover one of the oldest stadiums of the world. It has been built in 1910. If you are also a Manu fan, you can visit official store of the club in te city.

Other than the football, museums of Manchester are also very popular. Especially in Museum of Science and Industry, you are going to find many interesting stuff. You can find remains from 5th century to 20th century in the museum. It is located in a railroad station in Manchester.

The other popular museum of Manchester is about Football again. Manchester hosts two important football teams of the world. City and United… The football museum of the city gets thousands of visitors every day. Chinatown of Manchester is another good attraction for those who wants to visit the city.

Granada Studios is another good location where you can visit. You can find lots of shops in the location. This location has very unique looking and it is very good attraction for those who will visit the city. We certainly recommend you to visit the Granada Studios if you visit UK.

Manchester is one of the most important cities of the Football industry…

12) Nottingham

Nottingham is one of historical cities of United Kingdom. You are going to have lots of fun attractions in the city if you are planning to visit it.

The Exchange is one of the oldest market place in the United Kingdom and it is located in Nottingham. The market place built in the 18th century and it certainly worth to visit there. If you will visit the city and if you are planning to shopping, this destination is going to be perfect for you.

If you would like to visit a scary place, Haunted Museum in Nottingham can be a good option for you. The museum hosts the only Victorian funeral bier cart of the world. You will also find many other scary remains in the museum.

Nottingham has very good nightlife and interesting stuff to visit.

13) Isle of Lewis

Isle of Lewis is another natural beauty of the United Kingdom where is located north of Scotland. Despite of being a tourist destination, there is not too much hotel opportunities in the island. If you ever want to visit Isle of Lewis, we recommend you to book from hotels before your arrival.


Lews Castle is one of good attractions in the islands. The castle is located in Stornoway and there is also a good museumin the location. An Lanntair is an art museum and gallery which you can visit if you are interested with arts. There is also many other good attraction on An Lanntair such as dance studio, cinema and theatre. An Lanntair is also located in Stornoway town.

The natural beauty of islands are already famous in United Kingdom. You will find perfect natural landscapes in Isle of Lewis.

isle of lewis
Isle of Lewis is popular with beautiful shores and historical buildings.

14) Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park is a must see location in United Kingdom if you love nature and natural landscapes. It is one of the largest national parks of the United Kingdom where is located in northwest Wales. There is also many historical strongholds, rail stations and locations in the region. People are also using those destination for climbing and hiking too. There are several lakes with beautiful landscapes. We recommend you to visit Snowdonia National Park if you ever visit Wales.

snowdonia national park
One of the most beautiful landscapes of Snowdonia National Park in Wales.

15) Cardiff

Cardiff is the largest city of Wales and also the capital of the country.

If you will visit Cardiff, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting the historical castles and landmarks. Cardiff Castle, Castell Coch and Caerphilly Castle are locations that you should certainly see if you have an interest to history of Wales and UK.

If you would like the visit the historical locations, you should also see Llandaff Cathedral, Insole Court, Pierhead which are very popular landmarks of the city.

Capital of Wales

You can share your thoughts about those locations and landscapes of United Kingdom in the comment section below. If you would like to improve our top 15 Places to visit in the UK list, you can also make suggestions. You can also share your experiences at other locations of UK.