Top 10 Things to Do in Jordan

You can learn about the what to do in Jordan and the best attractions in the country with this top list.

Top things to do in Jordan in vacation

If you are going to visit Jordan in your vacation/holiday, you can use this guide line for top things to do in Jordan.

1) Desert Safari in Wadi Rum

Follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia as you explore the dramatic landscape of Wadi Rum. Unending sand dunes, dramatic canyons, incredible mountains and inscriptions dating from the 4-5th centuries BC will leave you spell-bound.

2) Camp in Wadi Rum

Cycle through the stunning mudflats and historic sites of Wadi Rum, savor delicious Arabic food prepared by a local chef and then lay back and watch millions of stars light up the dark velvet sky.

3) Float in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has attracted visitors since ancient times, including Aristotle and the beautiful Cleopatra and is known for its therapeutic qualities. Float without a life jacket as the high salt content keeps you buoyant.

4) Petra by Night Tour

Petra is undoubtedly Jordan’s most valuable treasure. Take a candlelit walk through the Siq (the city’s main entrance) and admire the giant red sandstone rocks carved entirely by man. The sight of the Treasury Plaza against the backdrop of flickering candles is breathtaking.

5) Admire Views from Ad – Deir Monastery

A flight of 800 steps takes you to the Ad-Deir Monastery. The largest carved monument in Petra dates back to the 1st century AD and beautifully blends Hellenistic architecture with Eastern tradition.

6) Climb Mount Nebo

Climb to the top of Mount Nebo and admire the marvelous views of the Promised Land as seen by Moses before he died. On a clear day, you can see across the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, and the distant Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

7) Trip to Jerash

Rome away from Rome, that’s what Jerash has often referred to as. Known as one of the most well-preserved areas, the place is steeped in history dating back more than 6.500 years.

8) Night Out in Amman

Let your hair down at the hip nightclubs and bars, groove to live music at the local restaurants or sit back and relax at a Shisha lounge; the options are plenty. Pick one or experience them all during your visit to the vibrant city of Amman.

9) Spend a Day in Berenice Beach, Aquaba

Swim with the friendly sea turtles and dolphins, enjoy a night dive and experience some of the best snorkeling in Aquaba’s jewel, the Red Sea. The glass-bottom boat is another great way to view the marvels of the deep sea, or you could simply relax on the sandy beach.

10) Visit the Filming Location of Indiana Jones

If you’ve seen the 1989 American fantasy-adventure film by Steven Spielberg, a visit to Jordan is a must. Relive scenes from the movie including the famous shot when Indy finds the Holy Grail which in reality was the Al Khazneh or ‘The Treasury’ in Petra.